Hello world

It has been an awesome experience building http://www.websrvr.in

I strongly believe in dogfooding so I created this blog using jekyll and websrvr.in, it was actually very easy to setup. All I did was:

  1. Create a directory called websrvrblog by running jekyll new websrvrblog in my code directory. This can be named anything.
  2. Edit the _config.yml to add a destination: /home/minhajuddin/Dropbox/Apps/websrvr/blog

That’s it, now whenever I run jekyll build it exports this blog to the blog subdirectory in my dropbox folder which is hooked up via websrvr to show up at http://blog.websrvr.in


Since writing this blog post I have found middleman and I am in love with it :) this blog now uses middleman, you can find the source of this blog at http://github.com/websrvr/blog.websrvr.in