Websrvr now minifies and gzips your css, javascript and html

I have deployed a new update to websrvr today which minifies and gzips css, javascript and html files in our websites. You don’t have to do anything to start using this feature. Just relax and enjoy the performance improvements :) I did a simple test on www.websrvr.in’s home page (by the way www.websrvr.in is also hosted on websrvr, How cool is that :) ) and the size of the page had reduced from 8799 to 2649 bytes which is a decrease in size by 70%.

However, for some reason if you want to turn of css or javascript or html minification, you can go to your site’s edit page and uncheck the Minify HTML or Minify Javascript or Minify CSS options, once you do that your html/js/css won’t be minified.