Revving up our website build system

We deployed our new website build system which uses and a few days ago. And we are very happy with the performance improvements.

It now takes under 5 seconds to build and publish a website with ~50 resources (

Under 5 seconds our build system

  1. Downloads these 50 resources from dropbox
  2. Minifies all your HTML, Javascript and CSS
  3. Gzips all your text content with the highest compression, so that it can be served fast without on the fly compression.

For subsequent builds it only builds the resources which change which should be much faster.

Now, the changes are published within the time you save your changes and refresh your browser.

Enjoy the speed improvements :)


I couldn’t help myself from sharing this :) I use middleman for this blog, And when I pushed this post it ended up updating 3 resources in 456.688009ms. That is really fast :)